Science D’vine Maxims: Transform your life through the divine voice of an enlightened master by practicing effortlessly the simple steps as envisaged by Param Pujya Gurudev. The Maxims are (A) Spiritual Maxims for attaining stress-free success and happiness leading to a blissful life (B) Miraculous Maxims for attaining everlasting energy and youthfulness and (C) Unique Maxims for achieving prosperity and wealth.

Sanjeevani Kriya: The most effective scientific stress buster for the modern man that connects you to the source of infinite energy for attaining sound body, sound mind & self realization.

Maha Medha Kriya (Brain Power Booster For Students): A revolutionary scientific technique for unleashing the limitless powers of the brain for multi-fold increase in memory, intelligence, creativity and concentration.  Maha Medha Kriya is short, simple and highly beneficial for students to always stay ahead in exams & life.

Science D’vine Sanjeevani Workshop: Conducting Science D’vine Sanjeevani Workshops all over the world to provide revolutionary insights & scientific techniques to individuals for undergoing inner transformation that would enable them to understand life in its true perspective and also be able to tackle stress and ailments caused due to modern day life conditions. By learning the technique of Sanjeevani Kriya, application of the science of thought power and effective use of sub-conscious mind in the workshop, each & every individual has the potential of connecting to the source of infinite energy and thereby lead a life of sound body, sound mind & self realization. The workshop is highly beneficial for professionals, businessmen, home makers, spiritual seekers & all those aspiring for stress free success & everlasting inner happiness or enlightenment.

Science D’vine Maha Medha Shivir (Mega Mind Workshop for Students): Conducting Science D’vine Maha Medha Workshops for Students to achieve extraordinary memory, intelligence, creativity, concentration & confidence leading towards outstanding success in exams & career. By learning and practicing the scientific technique of Maha Medha Kriya and significant scientific practices the students are bound to unleash the limitless powers of their brain and be 100% successful in all kinds of examinations they would face in their academic or professional career.

Science D’vine Sakshi Sadhna Shivir: Most effective workshop for spiritual seekers who would like to delve into deeper state of meditation. An advanced Science D’vine programme designed for people to understand & experience the true essence of spirituality in reaching to the super conscious state of mind.

Science D’vine Trainers Training Course: Any individual interested in teaching the scientific techniques and revolutionary insights for Science D’vine Way of Living at their centers will be trained by the foundation to become Science D’vine Trainers. Trainers Training courses are regularly held in Ghaziabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and other locations as desired by participants.

Shaktipat Diksha: Elevate to the state of super consciousness through transmission of divine energy from Param Pujya Gurudev.

Individual Sessions: With his divine powers, Param Pujya Gurudev reads out your past, present and future like an open book. He not only narrates your problems, but provides instant & permanent remedies for any kind of physical, mental, financial and family problems.

Jhuggi Jhopadi Shiksha Sewa Mission: It is our resolve to establish Science D’vine Vidyapeeths in every city of the country for providing world-class education free of cost to the children of slum dwellings while simultaneously nurturing them with love & meditation since childhood. The children who would have otherwise not been able to see the face of a school and might have been forced to work as child labour or become beggars or commit crimes will emerge as new individuals on this earth filled with inner joy while enjoying the fruits of material prosperity & riches.