Religion is the science of inner development or self realization, but today it has become confined to the mechanical repetition of traditional rituals, dogmas and meaningless superstitions. In this commercialized world of religion, Sadguru Sakshi Ram Kripal Ji has been working relentlessly towards freeing the individual from all ideologies and belief systems that have blinded and divided humanity through the ages.

Spearheading a powerful spiritual drive against false religiosity prevailing all over the world, Param Pujya Gurudev defines God as all-pervading, infinite energy that expresses itself in the form of peace, happiness and bliss. Experience of the same can be termed as self realization or enlightenment. He further enunciates that the path towards the goal of self realization is Science D’vine – The Science of Divine Living, which provides scientific techniques and revolutionary insights & remedies for bringing about the total transformation of the individual. Science D’vine enshrines his strong commitment to develop conditions for the creation of a new humanity characterized by a life filled with everlasting happiness and bliss while at the same time experiencing the fruits of material prosperity and riches. The scientifically designed programmes of Science D’vine have the virtue of bringing inner peace that would make you rediscover yourself by creating an environment beyond races, religions and nations.